2017 – 2018 Board of Governors Candidate Bios

Monte Crowley–Foss Maritime

Monte has worked for Foss Maritime for 22+ years, but grew up around the Maritime Industry with his Grandpa, Uncle, and Dad all working as Tugboat Captains (along with many other relatives).  Monte’s career at Foss has included positions in Customer Service (dispatch), Line Service Manager, Marine Personnel Manager and his current role as PNW Commercial Manager.  His current position keeps him involved in Maritime events throughout Puget Sound and an active member of both Seattle and Tacoma Propeller Clubs.  He has previously served on the Seattle Propeller Club Board from 2013 -2016.  He is committed to serving as a board member once again and looks forward to supporting the Propeller Club and our Maritime Industry as a whole.

Jasmine Gonzalez-Harley Marine Services

Jasmine Gonzalez has been dedicated to the Seattle maritime industry since graduating California Maritime Academy in 2008. She has been active in the Seattle Propeller Club for the past five years and has been a board member serving on the gala and golf tournament committees for the past three. In 2016 she joined Harley Marine Services as their Recruiter and travels to Maritime Academies throughout the country to recruit for the industry. Jasmine is also a member of Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) and knits winter hats and scarves for Mission to Seafarers to hand out to mariners traveling through Seattle.  


Alex Hess–Global Diving & Salvage

I’m writing to express interest in serving on the Propeller Club Board. I have always been impressed by Propeller Club events and see great value in bringing together a disparate group of maritime professionals to discuss trends in the industry locally and globally. I’ve also found the speakers to be consistently engaging and feel that the Propeller Club does an excellent job in creating dialogue between local political leaders and industry. I would be very interested in helping the club to pursue these goals and would dedicate my time and energy to that end.

I grew up in Egypt and became fascinated with the maritime industry early on; watching ships pass through the Suez canal and exploring the port cities of Alexandria, Suez and Port Said. I studied economics in college and after graduation took a job as associate editor of a Cairo based business magazine. Some of the articles I wrote and researched included ports, shipping and logistics. I realized that I wanted to be part of the maritime industry but had no direct connections to it and wasn’t sure where to start. However, I had worked as a dive master on tourist boats as a college summer job. I decided that every sector of the maritime industry needed divers at some stage so I decided to become a commercial diver to get into the business and learn from the inside.

I went to a dive training program in the Port of Los Angeles and worked for a local contractor for a couple of years as a diver and vessel operator, primarily working in ship husbandry. In 2009 I hired on at Global Diving & Salvage in Seattle which allowed me to work all over the world a diver, salvor, and not least, a painter. In 2011, while still working full time, I started a Masters in Marine Affairs at the University of Washington which I completed in 2013. At that point I took a job as Environmental Operations Manager, also with Global, which exposed me to the business of salvage, spill response and a close working relationship with the regulatory agencies. In 2016 I moved back to my diving roots in the role of Dive Operations Manager. In my current role I work closely with a wide variety of Propeller Club members in the northwestand would welcome the opportunity to participate more fully in the club to promote the industry that I’ve chosen to live and breathe. Thank you for your consideration.


CJ Mitchell–Columbia Bank

I have recently become a member of the Propeller Club and have thoroughly enjoyed my time getting to
know many of the members and the enlightening meeting topics.  I am a Vice President, Relationship Manager at Columbia Bank with a focus on commercial lending to the maritime and fishing industries.

I am not your typical banker, however. I am a Certified Public Accountant and Accredited in Business
Valuation. While I do not formally practice accounting or prepare business valuations, I maintain my
designations to stand out and add value where possible. In the fall of 2015, I decided to shift careers from public accounting (Berntson Porter & Company, located in Bellevue) after an 11 year career preparing financial statements and business valuation consulting. My decision was difficult, but at the end, I made the choice for family reasons (I have two young boys) and career aspirations. My last two years at the firm focused on litigation related business valuation and economic damage consulting. It didn't take long to realize that I was not drawn to that reactive type of work where, frankly, the consultants and the attorneys tended to be the winners, not the clients. What I liked prior to that work, and what I expect to achieve in commercial banking, is helping business owners make smart decisions for their future.

I am also active in the construction industry sector and on the board of directors for the Puget Sound Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Associates (CFMA). I have found that the industry-based board to be highly rewarding and believe my experience and exposure to a non-profit board position would be helpful to the Propeller Club. Columbia Bank has a strong maritime and fishing portfolio and in my past life, I have prepared severalbusiness valuations for local fishing wholesalers. My wife's father fished the Bering Sea for many years and uncles/cousins were maritime insurance brokers based out of Fishermen's Terminal. I grew up on Bainbridge Island and love and respect the water.  Thank you for the consideration and I look forward to helping out the Propeller Club in the future.


Mick Shultz–Port of Seattle

Mick Shultz has served two terms on the Seattle Propeller Club Board of Governors. He has worked in Public Affairs for the Port of Seattle for nearly sixteen years. Prior to working for the Port of Seattle he was with the Port of Tacoma for more than six years. He has helped manage the Seattle Maritime Festival, Fishermen’s Fall Festival and other events. His work with the Port of Seattle Focuses on developing partnerships and programs with private sector maritime companies and associations.