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January 16 Breakfast Program


The Potlatch Room - with FREE parking!

401 NE Northlake Way
 Seattle, WA 98105

Guest parking can be found on premises or directly across the street from the restaurant

Annual Port of Seattle Update

Stephanie Jones Stebbins,
 Managing Director of the Port’s Seaport Division

Stephanie is responsible for directing the strategic and daily operations of Cruise Operations, Fishing and Commercial Operations, Grain, Recreational Boating, Industrial Properties and Marine Maintenance. 
At the Port, Stephanie has been the director of environmental and planning programs for seven years, was the director of seaport environmental for four years, and manager of seaport strategic and facility planning for five years. She spent three years in the Peace Corps and overseas consulting in addition to several years of work in the U.S. before coming to the Port of Seattle. Jones Stebbins holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina. 

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